SAG member


  • DreamMaker  (drama)  Gang Leader - 

         DancingStar Production, Dir. Christina Morales Hemenway 

  • The Deviants (comedy)  Rusty the Creep - 

         Green Band Pictures, Dir. Reid Waterer 


World's Greatest Street Performers - Host Pilot
It's Your Move (with Rick Schroeder) Guest Star-NBC Television
P.S. I LUV U (with Connie Sellecca) Stunt Rider-CBS (Jerry Thorpe-Glenn Larson Production

Physical Comedian                                      Edgemar Center For The Acts
Henry V (Shakespeare)          Dauphin         Stage Theater
Tribute to Charlie Chaplin -  Chaplin           Guest Star McAllen Theater 
The Comedy Shop                                       MC/Headliner Comedy Shop, PS
Rocket to the Moon             Dr. Stark          Ensemble Theater Co, SM
LUV                                     Harry Berlin     Ensemble Theater Co, SM
Lou Gehrig Did                    Victor Spinilli   Ensemble Theater Co, SM       

Not Have Cancer    
Sign In Sid's Window           Sidney Brustein Ensemble Theater Co, SM

Theatrical Training:
Larry Moss Studio
Meisner: Two-Year Graduate Program Joann Baron/D.W. Brown Studio
Shakespeare: Will Greer Theatricum-Botanicum
Mime: Marcel Marceau, Leonard Pitts, Richard Sheppard, Goldston-Johnson,

Burt Houle

Decroux Corporal Mime: Thomas Leadheart, Steven Wasson and Corrin Soum 
Comedic: Groundling
Clowning: Avner the Eccentric 

Letters of recommendation:
Dustin Hoffman, Marcel Marceau, Noel Blanc 

​​Rusty The Creep

​​​​Gang Leader

Production History:
2004/6: Jules Founder, CEO and President of “California Space and Technology News,” the first half-hour news program to deliver headline, breaking, and financial space, technology, and science news from California and around the world over the Internet in conjunction with California Space Authority, and received recognition from Governor A. Schwarzenegger for his pioneering vision.

2002 – NASA invites Jules to Washington, DC to consult on NASA programming and make recommendations on how to get the public more involved in America’s space future.

2000: He was invited by Walt Disney Attractions to serve as Executive Producer/Director of video production for the “Astronaut Hall of Fame Inducted,” where twenty-three of America’s space heroes were inducted into the hall of fame.

1997/2002: Jules Founder, CEO, President and Executive Producer for The Space Television Network (TSN), where he was responsible for the development of over forty original programs, the acquisition of 40,000 hours of space and technology stock footage, and 412 award-winning documentaries.  He was integral in the development of TSN’s Programming Board where he recruited luminaries Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Red Whittaker, and Dr. Robert Zubrin to name a few. Started working on Joules Space Technology

1996: Jules hired network consultant and 4-time Emmy Award Winning producer/director Sheldon Atfeld. 

Award Winning Physical Comedy,

Actor, Mime